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Sca3d’s pilot casino game line-up includes eleven slot games, plus one game of blackjack, and one game of European roulette. All our games were engineered using HTML5, so you can play on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Our U.S. optimized games are available in thirty-two different languages.

Dames of Derby an English version of สล็อตออนไลน์

You can’t call yourself a tough chick unless you’ve skated the roller derby flat track. Dames of Derby lets you choose which team position you want to play: jammer, pivot, or blocker. Each position has a different system for racking up a good payout: as a jammer, you’ll avoid getting knocked off of the track, just like in real roller derby. As the pivot, you choose what strategic plays your team will use in a jam, from a list provided you, unless you want to use Strategic Mode and create your own strategies player by player. Pivots also are the last line of blocking defense against the other team’s jammer. And as a blocker, you will do your worst to knock that opposing jammer off the track. Impress the ref, and you’ll get the best payout. No fouls, now.

Mozart’s Moneymaker

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is debuting his newest masterpiece tonight, and your job is to make the crowd go wild! You play Mozart throughout every aspect: writing the sonata, in which every aspect of the song: volume, emotion, tempo, and more, will effect your payout when you get to the concert! At the concert, you control how Mozart is conducting is symphony – which also controls how the audience responds, and gives you a better or worse payout. Bravo! Encore!

Detention Duct Crawler

Detention? We don’t think so. You and the other outcast kids in detention decide to escape through the ceiling into the school’s air ducts, and encounter a wacky adventure along the way. Save the littlest kid from the evil Elf King? BIG payout. Lose the redhead boy in the Rat’s Nest? Lose all your moolah. Win a double-dutch challenge from the Sixties Sisters, a pair of twins who have hidden in the duct since 1967 but mysteriously haven’t aged a year? Jackpot! You get the picture.

Stoner Sal

Denver’s legal pot dispensary business took a turn for the wacky when Stoner Sal opened shop. Sal doesn’t care for being identified as either male or female, thank you very much, and they don’t care for you to identify their products as indicas, sativas, OR hybrids – unless they’re Sal’s Hybrids! Help Sal create new strains that generate your biggest Sca3d payouts yet! You’ll be glad you joint.

Queen Cleo Takes Cairo

Cleopatra’s tired of the palace life, and decides to embark on a trip through the fabulous streets of Cairo! You can win payouts by collecting Cleopatra’s Jewels, which appear on cobblestones, passing camels, and in the hands of young street rascals. Or, play Cleopatra’s Career Quest, in which the queen attempts the daily careers of workers all over the city: pyramid builder, market barterer, street thief, and more. Get caught by Marc Antony or Julius Caesar, who are on the hunt for Cleo, and lose ALL your payout. Hint: make friends with the carpet weaver.

Vitamin Gang

Billy won’t take his morning vitamins! Mom hired the Vitamin Gang to help her out. Work hard to hide Billy’s vitamins in his orange juice, on his toothbrush, or in his egg and sausage sandwiches. If Billy doesn’t take his vites during his morning bites, you’ll have to find a way to get the Gang on it when he’s walking to school. Place the Gang strategically behind bushes, in trees, and down manholes with the Vite-A-Slingshot, and make sure Billy gets his vitamins!


Poor Maria the Potter – her beautiful pottery store is soon to be in ruins, when you come through looking for your lost key! You’ve got a baseball bat, and you’re not afraid to use it … Especially since you were told your key was hidden in one of her pieces of art. You’d better find it before the timer runs out, though, or you’ll have to pay for all that damage out of your betting! If you find the key in time, use it to unlock the Gold Safe, and give Maria a small share … keep the rest for yourself!

Break ‘Er Jaw MMA

Who will win? Wanda Woozey, or Keisha Kate? Choose who you want to be, and get to work with your sock-em mixed martial arts skills! Make sure you submit your opponent before they get YOU, and get one incredible payout.

Arthurian Alchemy

Merlin and Arthur are at work in the wizard’s cave, creating new potions to win Guinevere’s heart. If the concoction you come up with isn’t winning the payouts, go outside the cave and see what hidden ingredients you’re missing.

Dino Dentist

Which dinosaur makes the best dentist? Choose from brontosauruses to Tyrannosaurus Rexes, and find out! You’ll also choose the patient, and their ailment. Will a pterodactyl, or an ichthyosaur best serve Little Suzy with the chipped tooth? There is only one way to find out. There’s just one problem: dinosaurs are not the most gentle dentists. Find the winning combo of dental issue and dino dentist, and you’ll win big!

Farting Frogs

Oh no! Your motorboat has run out of gas, and you’re in the middle of the lake! Luckily, the resident frogs have digestive issues, AND they’re hungry! Find the best foods to feed the amphibians, and they’ll “toot” your tugboat back to shore. Mosquitoes, fish, newts, and even tin cans and lost swimmers are available nourishment. Find the winning combination for those hungry frogs!

Jack Black’s Blackjack

Need we say more? This is the best Blackjack you’ll ever play! Jack Black is everywhere in our version of the beloved game – on the cards, around the card table many times over, and – oh yeah – he’s even the dealer! Make a good move, and you’ll see Jack perform comedy routines from your favorite Jack Black movies, like School of Rock – and you might hear some Tenacious D number thrown in there, too.

Raider’s Roulette

You’ve been captured by raider pirates, and now you must play roulette! If you lose, you walk the plank. If you win, you’re the captain! Not to mention, you’ll get mucho moolah.

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