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Sca3d is the newest online gambling content provider

currently offering the best casinos 2019, the beste online mobiel casino’s 2019, a variety of slot machines and you will be able to read different reviews of online slot machines with no deposit bonuses. Originally operating only in Sweden, its country of origin, Sca3d recently opened a new office in the United States! Get ready to enjoy our soon to be classic games: Dames of Derby, Mozart’s Moneymaker, Duct Crawler, Stoner Sal, Queen Cleo Takes Cairo, Vitamin Gang, PotteryShack, Break ‘Er Jaw MMA, Arthurian Alchemy, Dino Dentist, Farting Frogs, Jack Black’s Blackjack, and Raider’s Roulette.

Many Casino Websites

All of these games can be played at many casino websites, for example the Asian Casino portal, ไพ่เสือมังกรเล่นกับเว็บคาสิโนไหนได้บ้าง is very popular among the players, where you can play different casino games, like roulette, เกมไฮโล3ลูก and many more!

If there’s one theme you notice in the games’ names (and in the game descriptions below,) it’s probably the fact that many of them concern female characters. One of the company’s three founders, Lovisa Jorgensen, is a female game engineer. From the start, she has made the inclusion of female subjects and characters a top priority and theme for Sca3d. The company proudly considers itself a feminist online gambling content provider.

game creation

Jorgensen’s influence has reached considerably farther than the process of game creation. Marketing and client population have also been strongly affected. The games favor all gender identifications, and therefore promotional campaigns reflect this open inclusion within Sca3d’s creativity. Break ‘Er Jaw MMA is a slot machine game banking on the recent breakout of professional female mixed martial arts fighting. Fighters are designed to look like Miesha Tate and Rhonda Rousey. Dames of Derby puts another strong female sport, flat track roller derby, in the limelight. Queen Cleo Takes Cairo, of course, is based on beloved Cleopatra Ptolemy VII of Egypt. Stoner Sal stars a lovable redhead, whose gender is indiscernible, and who owns the most successful recreational marijuana dispensary in Denver.

Gaming consultants

Gaming consultants and casino game analysts credit Sca3d’s determination for equal representation for the company’s growing success in an increasingly liberal global culture. Prominent online gaming operators have noticed, and are quickly beginning to request Sca3d’s games for their own online casinos. Sca3d’s employees also include a fantastic technical and customer support staff for licensees who are having trouble gaming. Wait time for help is never more than an hour, since we have our staff monitoring issues twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Included in our technical support services are data mining capabilities, infrastructure capacity, and scalability. Each of our services are tailored to specific needs of the partner in question, and Sca3d offers training and mentoring. Our broad experience in every arena of online casino gaming allows for our partners’ business leveraging. Every one of our partners has their own account manager, as well as complete IP Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring. New to Sca3d is the option to provide our partners development opportunities through services and training, allowing for a whole smorgasboard of new abilities: internet marketing training, training in customer support, fully managed blackjack and roulette networks, hosting and disaster recovery services, and payment processing as well as advisory services. We highly suggest that new business partners take advantage of our stellar Development Training Staff!

Regulatory Framework Staff

Sca3d also has hired a new Regulatory Framework Staff, each with experience from working with other online gambling product companies such as Playtech, no deposit bonus limited, Dutch casino company bonus zonder storting. Our Regulatory Framework Staff (RFS) is designed to aid the complicated legal issues surrounding online gambling, which can get increasingly confusing as more jurisdictions decide to put such regulations in place. Our RPS first makes sure that each game (and be assured we are always creating new games!) is engineered with a clear compliance and regulatory framework. This framework consists of age verification tools, control of revenue, and tools for responsible, fair gaming.

These solutions are capable of being localized for the partner’s jurisdiction by Sca3d’s RFS, meaning strict compliance for local government protocols. Our RFS works hard and in close detail, creating ultimate flexibility within Sca3d’s gaming software technology that will allow seamless integration with the existing local government systems and laws. If you want more information you can do so over at the this Betsson Casino which actually covers some relevant information on the regulatory framework.

Not convinced yet? That’s fine! We will just talk about our fantastic games in the next section, each of which is wildly popular on the underground European online gaming circuit (you don’t get much cooler than that.) Whether you read the following paragraphs are not, we know you will remember what you have read about Sca3d so far, because we stand out in more ways than one … and we are confident that you’ll be hearing about us again!

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