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Sca3d is an online casino game developing company. The company started in 2009 with founders Karl Olsen, Lovisa Jorgensen, and Walter Poulsen. The former roommates had acquired jobs with online gambling content developers after graduating from their university. After two years, they had reunited, and they decided on creating their own company, one that created gambling content they made themselves. With their first game, Queen Cleo Takes Cairo, they launched their company, which was then tentatively named Kalowa.



It started operating in Sweden, but it has now expanded its operations to the United States. The company that started with three employees quickly grew to having forty employees in 2014, and then two hundred today, including the employees at their brand-new office in New York City. 

At the first ever Gaming Intelligence Awards in 2015, the company was nominated three times. It has also been nominated for awards through Global Gaming, International Gaming, Gambling Online Magazine, EGR, Leisure Report, and Totally Gaming.


As impressive as that origin story already is, that’s not all. This company goes beyond all expectations and offers games in the best casinos and the best online mobile casinos, a variety of slot machine games, and some interesting games that will be sure to pique your interest. The games the company offers are so unique that even the names attest to the fact. These games are Dames of Derby, Mozart’s Moneymaker, Duct Crawler, Stoner Sal, Queen Cleo Takes Cairo, Vitamin Gang, PotteryShack, Break ‘Er Jaw MMA, Arthurian Alchemy, Dino Dentist, Farting Frogs, Jack Black’s Blackjack, and Raider’s Roulette. All these games will be expanded on in a while.

Feminist Organization

The main selling point that this company has is the fact that they have a main theme to most of the games they create. And this is the fact that their games are mostly female centric. Lovisa Jorgensen, is a female game engineer and one of the three founders of the company. She pushes forwards inclusivity in their content. The company is proud to call itself a feminist organization that lauds the inclusion of female characters and issues. In this political climate, it is especially notable that they make this deliberate choice of inclusion, and it shows willingness to make a good statement for future generations, in whatever form they can, which includes games played worldwide.

All games can be played using the desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. To add, US optimized games are available in thirty-two languages. This is another feature of inclusivity that should be praised.

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